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Homeschool narrations and Christian prayer

Many homeschool families make narrations a part of their curriculum. With a narration, a child retells in his own words what he has read, recalling as many details as he can. Narrations replace comprehension questions and workbook pages. You can … Continue reading

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A fresh start for religious ed at home

Some families are already gearing up to start school on Monday. We don’t start back until September 8, just after our parish festival. But no matter when you begin, here are some ideas to take your religious education to the … Continue reading

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“New” homeschool discoveries from the conference

Continuing my reflections on the Minnesota Catholic Home Education Conference, I want to share with you some new resources I discovered. They might not all be new to you, but they were to me. God’s Covenant with You: The Bible … Continue reading

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The power of stories

It’s been quite a week at Contemplative Homeschool! Between the release of my free e-book and my two youngest boys having the flu, there hasn’t been a dull moment. Welcome to all my new subscribers. I hope you will introduce … Continue reading

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Why use a homily–not a sermon–format for homeschooling?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote briefly about my faith-based method of homeschooling. To recap: I see methods such as Catholic Heritage Curricula, which bring the faith to individual subjects, as using a sermon format. In contrast, our Contemplative … Continue reading

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Is your homeschool faith-based?

I’ve read at least a dozen books on homeschool philosophy and gleaned something from every one. But none exactly met my vision of what I wanted our homeschool to be. Some were literature-based (Charlotte Mason/Real Learning). Others were history-based (Neo-Classical/The … Continue reading

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Yertle in Babylon

This post is part of an occasional series called Finding God in Children’s Literature, in which I look at children’s books in light of the Bible and Sacred Tradition. All correlations between these books and the Christian faith are my … Continue reading

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10 Ways to keep your kids Catholic

Watching the events of the last few weeks unfold, I have been struck anew by how many former Catholics there are in the news media. None of them have a clue about what it means to be Catholic. That, coupled … Continue reading

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