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Homeschool narrations and Christian prayer

Many homeschool families make narrations a part of their curriculum. With a narration, a child retells in his own words what he has read, recalling as many details as he can. Narrations replace comprehension questions and workbook pages. You can … Continue reading

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Comforting the One who has comforted you

Do you sometimes get stuck in prayer? You know you should be doing more than telling God about your day, or presenting your needs to Him, but you’re having trouble meditating, or you’re not sure how to do it. When … Continue reading

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Why use a homily–not a sermon–format for homeschooling?

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote briefly about my faith-based method of homeschooling. To recap: I see methods such as Catholic Heritage Curricula, which bring the faith to individual subjects, as using a sermon format. In contrast, our Contemplative … Continue reading

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Christian prayer is much more than Eastern meditation

A few years ago at Mass in another diocese, the priest began a homily on the importance of daily prayer. I was elated. We hear this far too seldom from the pulpit. My elation soon turned to disappointment, however. He … Continue reading

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What is mental prayer and how you can do it?

Catholics divide prayer into 2 broad categories – vocal and mental. Vocal prayer includes prayers written for recitation. Mental prayer is prayer in one’s own words. St. Teresa of Avila wrote, “Mental prayer, in my view, is nothing but friendly … Continue reading

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Mary pondered all these things–do you?

There are many types of devotion to Mary. Carmelites honor Mary by imitating her. In particular, they imitate her way of meditating on the great things that God has done. Luke’s Gospel tells us twice that “Mary kept all these … Continue reading

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Meditation for Kids: Manna in the wilderness

As promised, this is an example of a concrete meditation on Scripture for primary-grade kids. Please read Teach your children mental prayer for background. I will go through all the steps outlined there, and add in some other subjects for … Continue reading

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Teach your children mental prayer

What is your goal for your children’s education? Academic prowess? Love of learning? Knowledge of Church doctrine? All these are good, but a contemplative homeschool seeks something more. My goal is to help my children have a deep prayer life, … Continue reading

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