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Everyone can be a saint

I’ve been re-reading St. Therese’s autobiography, The Story of a Soul. Almost at the beginning she writes about her view of the “world of souls” as a flower garden. She is one little flower in it, surrounded by others. Each … Continue reading

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Teach your kids the one thing necessary

Are you teaching your kids to do mental prayer? I’ve written about this in the past with a few examples  of kids’ meditations. Today I’m sharing with you a meditation for kids about… mental prayer. You may want to print … Continue reading

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Please take my short reader survey about Contemplative Homeschool

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Homeschooling and original sin

When we choose a homeschool philosophy as Catholics, we should consider whether the worldview behind that philosophy is in accord with the Catholic faith. Many of the proponents of these philosophies are Protestants. Others are Mormons or secularists. One area … Continue reading

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The meaning of the Brown Scapular

Today is the feast of Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel. I’m taking this opportunity to clear up some misconceptions about the Brown Scapular, often called Our Lady’s Habit. Traditional religious habits include a scapular–a garment worn over the shoulder blades, … Continue reading

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God calls you to holy poverty

When Karol Wojtyla (later Pope John Paul II) was bishop of Krakow, friends used to buy him new cassocks, which he would promptly give to poor priests in his diocese. He would continue wearing his old, worn-out cassock. In doing … Continue reading

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God and parenting woes

Remember when you had all the answers about parenting—in other words, when you were single? Then you got married, conceived your first child, and were instantly unsure of yourself. You decided you must consult the experts. At least, that’s what … Continue reading

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Should we “push” our children to learn?

I’m going to start critiquing some of the homeschool methodology/philosophy books I’ve read. Oliver Van DeMille (along with his wife Rachel) created the Leadership Education method, also know by the title of Oliver’s first book on the subject A Thomas … Continue reading

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