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Meditation for Kids: Manna in the wilderness

As promised, this is an example of a concrete meditation on Scripture for primary-grade kids. Please read Teach your children mental prayer for background. I will go through all the steps outlined there, and add in some other subjects for … Continue reading

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Teach your children mental prayer

What is your goal for your children’s education? Academic prowess? Love of learning? Knowledge of Church doctrine? All these are good, but a contemplative homeschool seeks something more. My goal is to help my children have a deep prayer life, … Continue reading

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Start your prayer with this image

Are you tired of your prayer being a shopping list read to God? Are you yearning for something more meaningful? Use this image of John the Apostle leaning on Christ’s heart to place yourself in God’s presence. Imagine yourself in … Continue reading

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Domestic monastery: living by the bell

I had never heard the term “domestic monastery until Jennifer Fulwiler recently blogged about it in a post I linked to. To me, domestic monastery and contemplative home(school)  are 2 ways of expressing the same thing, but with different emphases.  … Continue reading

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7 ways to make time for prayer

                Are you having trouble finding time for prayer every day? Here are some suggestions. 1. Ask yourself whether daily prayer is your top priority. If you don’t see the need for prayer, … Continue reading

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Beg, borrow, or steal buy: Introduction to the Devout Life

In this occasional series of posts, I recommend resources for you and your family in 100 words or less. More detailed reviews may come later. By St. Francis de Sales. The classic spiritual guide for lay people. Practical and specific … Continue reading

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YOU are your child’s model of prayer

Why do I talk so much about prayer on a homeschool blog? First, because prayer is the way we communicate with God on earth. Although it is not the only aspect of the spiritual life, it is the “one thing … Continue reading

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Meditation for kids: Jesus our healer

I wrote this meditation for my boys last week, to end our unit on Jesus’s first healing miracles in the Gospels. Use it to supplement your own Bible study or the liturgy. Read it aloud slowly with lots of pauses, … Continue reading

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