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4 tips for getting kids to do chores

As I mentioned recently, mine is not the neatest house in the world, so why am I giving tips on cleaning with children? I have tried a few things lately that seem to work. Maybe by the time J goes … Continue reading

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5 reasons not to give your child an Ipad

Are your kids begging you to buy them a tablet, Wii, or smartphone? Here are 5 reasons you should say no, in reverse order of importance. 5. All your friends and neighbors regret they gave in. Have you talked to … Continue reading

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10 Ways to keep your kids Catholic

Watching the events of the last few weeks unfold, I have been struck anew by how many former Catholics there are in the news media. None of them have a clue about what it means to be Catholic. That, coupled … Continue reading

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Raising boys to be men–not beasts

A couple weeks ago, Pat Archbold started a discussion on boys and “cursing” at the National Catholic Register. I was late in reading the post, but thought that, as a mother of 4 boys, I should address this issue. I … Continue reading

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Teach your children mental prayer

What is your goal for your children’s education? Academic prowess? Love of learning? Knowledge of Church doctrine? All these are good, but a contemplative homeschool seeks something more. My goal is to help my children have a deep prayer life, … Continue reading


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Domestic monastery: living by the bell

I had never heard the term “domestic monastery until Jennifer Fulwiler recently blogged about it in a post I linked to. To me, domestic monastery and contemplative home(school)  are 2 ways of expressing the same thing, but with different emphases.  … Continue reading

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Christmas greetings from our contemplative homeschool

(This is an edited version of my annual Christmas letter to friends and family.) A few years back, the boys would sing their own versions of familiar songs, with original rhymes. That Christmas, D proclaimed, “We three boys are traveling … Continue reading

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YOU are your child’s model of prayer

Why do I talk so much about prayer on a homeschool blog? First, because prayer is the way we communicate with God on earth. Although it is not the only aspect of the spiritual life, it is the “one thing … Continue reading

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